Bontrager Degreaser

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Bontrager Degreaser kr 179

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A high-performance bike degreaser that’s designed specifically for the unique needs of bicycles.

A clean bike is a happy bike
Our bike-specific degreaser makes it easy to keep things looking clean and running smooth.

Bontrager’s proprietary pH-neutral formula will keep your chain looking and feeling new without damaging the finish on your frame or components.

Detaljer om produktet
High-performance bike degreaser is perfect for all drivetrains and bikes
Proprietary formula is Trek’s factory-recommended bike degreaser

Can also be diluted in a 1:10 solution with water and used as Bike Wash

Pleasing citrus scent

Spray drivetrain and clean with dedicated brush or chain cleaner device

16 fl oz (473mL) spray bottle is easy to use and refillable

Also available in 1g/3.8L bulk bottle for easy and economical refills

Keep out of reach of children and do not ingest


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